Night Hikes

The night hike offers am exceptional and unforgettable experinece, where the awakening of the nature and the morning sunrise will form a memory that will last for a lifetime. To be on the marsh islands, between the bogs at nighttime, or in the woods, in the midst of the voices of nature or total silence, is always unique and very personal.

 The lengths of the hikes are 8-12 km (about 5-6h), for physically fit people. Departure at 1-2 am and the finish of the hike at the edge of the marsh at 8-9 am.

 The size of the groups up to 12 people, the cost €600 including VAT.

 The price includes transportation to the hike and back, the services of the hiking guide (Marek Laimets), drinking a unique power tea (we will make the tea of what can be found in nature), sweets, good company and an experience offered by the awakening nature and memorable sunrise.

The place and time of the hike:

  •   Iiripillisaare
  •  Tõugussaare  
  •    Käometsa     

Info and registration:, +372 50 633232

The payment for the hike can be made in cash, on the basis of an invoice or (upon prior agreement) also by bank card.